So I am several posts behind. I find that since I am working with the same blogging platform at work, building/designing websites, coming home and updating my own blog (although it’s much more personally satisfying) is not top of my “want to do” list. In fact, I generally want to take a break from my computer (but that’s generally a fantasy because it seems I still end up on it for one reason or another).

We had a jam-packed fourth of July – as is usually the case. We tentatively met Beth, David, Mom and Dad at Haganstone park. It’s been raining A LOT lately – more than ever remember – so much that we might as well live in Florida and just expect the afternoon shower/thunderstorm. This day was no different, there was a 30% chance and sure enough a storm rolled right in during our picnic. We made the most of it- huddling under umbrellas and covering our food with extra tablecloths. Gotta give it to my mom – She was PREPARED. And once the storm moved on to harass someone else’s holiday plans, the picnic and playing resumed with gusto.