We were waiting for the perfect weekend to go and pick out a pumpkin this year, but if anyone has been following the weather reports lately – you’ll know the weekends just weren’t cooperating. So by Saturday, the 31st, we had no choice but to accept that Fall was indeed here, and a pumpkin, candy and the works was indeed a necessity. On the good advice of a co-worker we took Cailee to Ganyard Farms. It started off a little soggy which gave us nearly the entire farm to ourselves complete with a pumpkin patch, hayride, corn maze, lil kiddie hay maze, corn crib (Cailee wasn’t a huge fan of the corn kernals between her toes, her prissy side was showing) and a giant slide/tunnel (hands down the favorite of the day). It really was a lot of fun and something I could definitely see becoming a tradition.

Here are some of our favorite pictures.