I took one for the team this weekend, JJ went on his annual bike ride to the mountains (well, the “ride” was short-lived, but that’s another story) and I stuck it out with the kiddos. I was determined that being short a helper was not going to slow us down – so we played hard – then, of course, we slept hard.

Saturday was jampacked, we headed to Gymboree in Durham, then to the hair salon in Wake Forest and finally, back to Durham to the Museum of Science (PS, everyone else had the same idea), all, with Connor, in toe. We managed to have a good time, despite the heat (we are in the 90s now), and lack of naps, although this made for some grumpy kids and a tired mommy by the time Saturday evening rolled around.

On Sunday, we headed to Greensboro for a visit with my parents (+ Uncle Dave, and Jen), and a dip in the pool (ok, only Cailee did that – and it was literally a dip of her big toe, I believe).

We capped off Monday with a trip to toys r us and new sandbox (see next post). It would have been nice if someone had warned me that sand only comes in 50lb bags – that proved a bit challenging – hauling 4 bags out to the back deck – but Cailee was a good cheerleader – it went something like – “Mommy, I need sand, more sand, now Mommy…” repeat.