I can’t believe I didn’t add this. I am going back through all my pictures and realize there are quite a number I haven’t put up and this might be my biggest oversight. I had my first mother’s day and 6th anniversary both on the same day. It seems we didn’t plan too well when we got married because Mother’s day, our wedding anniversary usually coincide with Prom and college graduation – so forget trying to make a dinner reservation unless you plan for it months in advance (and considering that I am adding this post well after the fact, you can guess that we don’t plan for much these days). Nevertheless, we had a nice dinner out, Cailee spent the evening with her grandparents – who fortunately have a generator as a storm had knocked the power out in most of the area. And for mother’s day we enjoyed a walk around Duke with coffee (mommy’s weakness), and some time with my mom in Greensboro.

Cailee was dressed up too cute, so of course we had to take a few photos (daddy was planting some bushes – another thing mommy loves – she buys em, he plants em :))