Wow! Its so hard to believe its 2011. What an exciting year ahead of us, though. a baby boy, new hobbies, new fun and so much more. I’ve enjoyed a good Christmas break – even though it always go by far too quickly. It seems I spend more time getting ready for the holidays and when they are over, so is the vacation – and I always look back and wonder where the time went. There is comfort in the fact that I realize I am not the only one who feels this way (just take a look at the Facebook comments from over the weekend), but before that thought depresses me, I have to acknowledge that I did get a lot accomplished and life feels a little bit more organized (as much as it can) so I feel I am starting back at a good place (and that is likely to last only about 1 day, but good nonetheless).

We did squeeze in a crazy day at Marbles on Friday – they were having a Noon year celebration – so the Dewars, and everyone else under the age of 5 (plus all their extended family) were there, but we found the fun anyhow. Cousin ‘Kinley came with us too.