Wow, I can’t even begin to think where the last year went and what the next year will bring. I mean, one year ago, we didn’t even know about Cailee, Lola and all the happenings of this past year which are now sweet memories that we’ll carry forward into 2009. We have started off the new year with a bang, getting together with good friends and family to celebrate on more than one occasion and now reality sets in with back to work tomorrow. I am thrilled, that just like everyone assured me, Cailee is on a pretty predictable schedule – but usually just when I say that – it does change (afterall, that’s what keeps life interesting). Good thing that the folks at IBM are already used to hearing her baby coos on our teleconferences and my mom is coming to help two days a week – she is my angel in disguise, I can already presume. JJ and I are excited about 2009 and can only imagine that just as 2008 went by in a blur – before we know it 2009 will be well underway. But right now I am relishing the last few minutes I have alone with the family before the craziness begins and the minutes fly by, and rationalizing how I will uphold my new year’s resolution to keep in balance everything that is important to me and keep my life at a toned down level of saneness. Best wishes to everyone!

Playtime with Cailee