I know, I am like a month behind on this, shame shame, but we had a Frozen Halloween this year.   Not a surprise, I’m sure.  Cailee was Elsa, and Connor sported an Olaf costume. I thought he might not want to wear the head but he was enjoyed being Olaf (and it was the year of the Olaf’s, we ran across quite a number of them).  I heard there was a drinking contest for adults for every Frozen character that came to the door – so glad we didn’t disappoint.  We dressed up for the Fall Festival at Ridge Crest Baptist, the Aldersgate  weekday costume parade, the Haunted Book Fair at Cailee’s school ,and Halloween night, we definitely got our money’s worth out of the costumes this year.

My favorite line had to be when it got a little chilly and I asked Cailee if she was cold and she quipped “The cold doesn’t bother me…”.  Touche.

And no, I tried and tried again and failed to get a good photo of Cailee and Connor, even as Elsa and Olaf together.


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