I found this very disturbing, that Easter fell on April Fools – best I understand it – someone somewhere defines when it’s Easter – so was it some bad joke to put it on April Fools? It just feels so counter or distracting to honoring the biggest miracle ever. So we didn’t focus on it a lot – Easter was far more exciting, however, I did bring home some Krispie Kreme donuts and swapped them out with a veggie tray just to see the kid’s expression. Of course I had the real donuts – which the kids are super into this year, glazed with icing and sprinkles to be exact. (Side note: Cailee told me last year that Donuts were one of those things she wished she liked because kids brought them into school all the time, and then somewhere along the way – I guess she decided she liked them because now she gets pretty excited about some glazed donuts – if only she would acquire taste for some healthy foods)

For Easter we did our annual Easter egg hunt outside, and Easter baskets full of candy and goodies (LOL dolls, Squishies and unicorn goodies for Cailee, and Itunes gift cards for Connor). We colored eggs – we had metallic kits this year which were fun and the kids are getting better, not quite as many cracked eggs this year, but still just as many dyed fingers. We went to Church and then met GG and Gdaddy at Cracker Barrel for Easter Lunch! It was a good day with family and a good day to pause and remember everything this day means to us.