Today, I convinced JJ that it was a good idea to take the entire family to the movies. He didn’t think it would work out – and well, he was right. Ok, there, I said it.

It would be a first for Connor – but it was the new movie “Planes” and Connor is all about some planes, trains and automobiles, so I thought the combination of the big screen, animation, and planes would keep him mesmerized. What I didn’t account for was the fact that his passion for cars over runneth all. I don’t know that he would have made it all the way through the movie, but it would have a been a tad bit easier if he hadn’t “eagle-eye” noticed the racing video game in the lobby of the movie theater as we were entering. Nothing, not the popcorn, candy, soft drinks we tried to bribe him with was going to keep him in that seat with that racing game beckoning. In fact, one time, he ran out of the theater (as I kept dragging him back in) so fast, he ran straight into a wall and got a bloody nose, err face.

The movie was cute, Cailee liked it (especially the pink French girl plane), but it will be awhile longer til I attempt to bring Connor back to the theater again.

Even after we returned home, Connor picked up his car and my soft drink and Cailee snagged the plane. That was until Daddy started misting them with the hose…