So I was watching the Today show today feeling as if I had triumphed because Cailee was sleeping in the swing, 1. sleeping is a big accomplishment and 2. in the swing (we were the last parents I knew who’s baby didn’t like the swing and today of all days she finally took to it and was content for more than 10 minutes). Then I saw a story about a family with 14 kids. This wasn’t the first of its kind, JJ and I have lately become big fans of Jon and Kate + 8 and then there is the family with 17 kids and counting? My own mother did it with five. I have one baby and its more than enough (see JJ trying to manage in the picture). How on earth do people juggle more than that? I even cringe at the thought of having twins and now the reality of what my mom did for the last 20+ years of her life is starting to catch up with me.

You most certainly have to be a special person with the biggest heart in the world to undertake so many little ones and I can only imagine it gets even crazier when they can actually can talk back to you. And oh the patience you must have….

I don’t know that you can totally realize what it all means until you have one of your own. But its easy to see now the sacrifices that my mom made in order to have a large family, the strength and fortitude that my she brought to the table, the faith she imparted on all of us, and the creativity she put into every situation. The best part is that today she’s one of my best friends, yet always my mother at heart.