I always loved that saying when I was a kid – thank goodness my kids aren’t aware of it yet – but that doesn’t stop them from pestering for ice cream and JJ is quick to oblige (ice cream is most definitely his vice). Lately, we have been frequenting a great little ice cream parlor in downtown Durham. The ice cream is quite unique, I’m guessing it’s homemade and it’s delish! (so it really doesn’t take much to twist my arm either).

This is how it usually goes – Cailee insists on a cone but refuses to eat the cone – she stops with just the scoop on top. Connor can’t quite manage a scoop of ice cream in the cone (just see what he does with the ice cream left in the cone), but he loves the cone. Now if only I could get them to share – Cailee could eat up to the cone and Connor could finish it off – I would save myself a few bucks. But who am I kidding? There is no way Connor would sit there patiently waiting for Cailee to finish her half of the cone.