The weather this weekend was awesome. And what better way to celebrate the warmer temps with our first Goodberry’s of the season. So we loaded everyone up in the car, puppy included (his little car seat fits perfectly between the two kiddos car seats so it’s pretty cute to see him sandwiched between them, all three across) to get some cones. Connor insisted on his own cone, first mistake. We finally managed to get it in a cup and he did much better. I was impressed that Cailee actually ate her entire cone (although it made it’s way to a bowl before we were all said and done) without any help, gone are the days of eating the kiddos leftovers, if I want any, I have to get my own – they make that very clear.

If you can’t tell I’ve shifted my photog focus to our puppy this week. I know the kids are relieved to not have the camera in their face at every turn. Don’t worry, it will be back. I can only take so many different shots of a dog. It’s not like the dog has different expressions/reactions that you want to capture, but he’s still pretty darn cute, nonetheless.