This winter, so far, as I am sure I have mentioned on more than one occasion, has been unseasonably warm. But maybe that’s about to change. Today, as opposed to the nearly 70 degree weather we had yesterday (note: I am not really complaining that its warmer, suits me just fine), was mid 40s and a little too cool to play outside. Still anxious to burn off some energy, we headed to Monkee Joes. I am not sure when we were there last, its definitely on the favorite list for Cailee, a place full of large inflatable slides and bouncy house. The downside is that its not exactly conveniently located (in Raleigh), so our visit are definitely not as frequent as she would like. We definitely noticed what a difference a few inches and a little more confidence makes. Last time, we had to push Cailee up every ladder, accompanying her every turn – this wears us out more than her (which was the actual goal). This year, we just got to stand back and watch. She had a great time, jumping, bouncing and sliding to her heart’s content. The plan worked -she was so tired, she was in bed by 7. Mission accomplished!