This past weekend Cailee got to meet Aunt Beth (or Aunt Bethie as she was often referred to). It was a fun time. Beth brought her boyfriend Reg over to Mom and Dad’s in Greensboro and Uncle Dave was there too. Cailee seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. She is really enjoying life these days – she gets tons of attention from everyone – she loves to stretch her legs and show off how she can stand up (with a lot of assistance and wobbling) and she is smiling at everyone who she recognizes and then some. This week JJ is battling a cold but the delivery of a new bed should help everyone get some much needed rest. We actually asked for giftcards towards the bed LAST Christmas and are just getting around to ordering it now – so no, its not really an early gift, its actually very late. 🙂 and I guess that means we can ask for more goodies this year.

I’ve finally put up the Christmas decorations and we are getting our tree in Blowing Rock this weekend. I have been checking the weather every day – praying for just a bit of winter weather to put us in the spirit of things and if we are lucky there might be a bit of the white stuff on the ground since the forecast calls for snow on Friday. I ordered our Christmas cards today – I finally relented on getting a Christmas themed picture of Cailee – that was just gonna be cutting it too close, so you might get a Christmas image for Valentines or Easter instead.

Cailee (knock on wood) might be starting a better routine – I am saying this because two days in a row she has fallen asleep at 8:30ish. I guess I can’t bank on it yet but it sure would be nice to have a few hours each night instead of walking, rocking, walking, rocking a baby to sleep. We didn’t even get a chance to give her the night time bottle. Well my fingers are crossed.