What a crazy week. I guess I can say that the summer is officially over or at least it feels that way. Awanas kicked off and school orientation is behind us. Cailee is a Cubbie now (or is it Cubby?) but we are so programmed to call her a Puggle, after two years, that it will be hard to break that habit. This week was registration/kick off complete with bouncy houses and italian ice. This face says it all – the night was a big hit with Cailee. Let’s hope the official transition to Cubbies goes as well next week.

On Friday we met Cailee’s teachers for the upcoming school year. She will be in the 3 year old class (Having a September birthday she will always be almost a year behind). Ironically, her teacher’s names are Ms. Amy and Ms. Lynn, being that I am Amy Lynn, I should be able to remember this. Cailee did really well. After a strict pep talk in the car ride to the school, Cailee did me proud (and no, I didn’t have to bribe her even). She didn’t cry and didn’t grab onto my legs and hide behind them when she went into her classroom, as her normal MO. To be fair, she didn’t exactly speak or acknowledge them either, but we are making strides.

Connor, of course jumped right in and made himself at home. He honed in on a couple toys and repeatedly tried to carry them out of the room, by hand, by shopping cart, by presumably anything that would allow for a clean break. Only he’s not so inconspicuous, and by the end the hour, everyone had his number and was blocking his maneuvers. I just love he is comfortable in any situation. Cailee seemed to like her very purple room and all the activity stations, so its a good sign for great things to come this year at school.