We got Cailee and Connor’s snow boots in the mail this week – I know – I am way over-prepared for the (maybe) one time we might need snow boots this year (when we go to Blowing Rock to get our Christmas tree) but I have a thing for shoes – especially little shoes. You should see Connor’s North Face boots – a-do-ra-ble. But even with cold weather on the brain, it is actually quite mild outside – “sans hat weather” – so the kids are anxious to play outside. And I’ve learned that a lot of fresh air makes my kiddos sleep like babies – and we like when kids sleep like babies.

So today we made a point to play in the leaves (thanks JJ for the giant pile you blew off the driveway this weekend). It’s funny, even with all the leaves “falling” off the trees, Cailee is convinced that Santa comes before Fall. So in our house, we are still waiting for Fall. She’ll figure it out one of these days.

Have I also mentioned that Connor is mimicking his big sister and runs across our stone wall – the one that is 6 feet off the ground – freaks me out (of course, I am holding his hand, but he would go without me if given the chance).

And here’s Cailee’s famous squinty eye smile/pose. It’s her go to smile whenever I ask her to pose and smile. She’s getting quite good at plastering it on. She also getting quite good at telling me how to pose (she takes pictures with her camera all the time). She regurgitates my words back to me – “no mommy, open your eye wide – like this” (she demonstrates), “no mommy, smile like this” (she demonstrates), “no mommy say cheese, like this” (cheeeese).

By the way, I do really try to get the kids to pose together for pictures and Cailee would, but Connor is just not having it. So the picture typically ends with Cailee looking like she is choking (with her arm locked around his neck) Connor, which kinda kills the affectionate pose we are hoping to catch (because they really do love each other). One of these days…