I can hardly believe its been six months. I know 6 months is just a blip in one’s entire life but when you consider how much a baby grows in the first 6 months of their life – its pretty amazing. Connor is busy squealing, making raspberries, rocking on his hands and knees. He has two teeth and is working on some more so that means he’s drooling a lot. He’s growing like a weed – I don’t have the official numbers yet (appt. this week) but he he wearing 6-12 months clothes now, and has several pairs of shoes (including his New Balance kicks featured in the pix below). He is playing with his toys a lot – and starting to grab for everything – of course, it immediately goes in his mouth – so you have to watch him pretty closely (Cailee likes to feed him too – yesterday, I had to grab a marshmallow before it was fed to him). Connor is sitting up – but balancing mostly on his belly, and he really wants to stand up – but then he likes to bounce up and down – its pretty funny, he is certainly testing the strength of his legs. I still can’t get over how laid back he is – he just goes with the flow, enjoys anyone cuddling him and puts up with a lot of craziness in the Dewar household, without so much of a blink of an eye. He’s truly a good baby.

More than anything – he’s adorable – I can’t even tell you how much we love him!