Cailee’s last soccer game was Saturday and so we made it a family affair (I had normally stayed home from most games with Connor, while JJ took Cailee – Connor just wants to be on the field playing alongside big sis).

I have to say Cailee was definitely most improved. She gained a lot of confidence and was far more aggressive then I remember from the start of the season. I know I am slightly biased, but the only kids that really outplayed Cailee typically, were almost a year older (she’ll be in the same age group for another year – three more seasons). The highlight of the day was when Cailee scored her first goal of the season – right at the end of the game. And even though it ended up in the wrong net – no one seemed to notice – she was on cloud nine. (It really didn’t matter – no one ever kept score and all the kids naturally followed and kicked the ball no matter what direction it was going). This was particularly exciting because Cailee had many times gotten the ball down the field but never been the one to kick it in the goal.

Since it was the last game of the season they gave everyone a medal for their participation. All in all, even though her team and coach were really flakey ( that’s another story in itself – suffice it to say, no one ever showed up, at least not on time, including the coach), I think soccer was a good experience for Cailee.