So apparently JJ isn’t the only one who likes to sniff out (oh yea he did that one time, ask me about the leather shoes he identified by smell) his Christmas gifts. Here I am sitting in the office – which by the way, is where all the Christmas goodies are stored – so I can monitor them around the cats as they have already tore into a few when I tried to actually put them under the tree – and Lola started barking at a bag that is buried way in the back of the stash. At first it confused me, so to get her to be quiet I brought the bag out and laid it where she could check it out. I turned my back only to hear the bag rustling. And that’s when it hit me. The new balls I got her for Christmas (I know, I’m a gluten for punishment) were in that bag. Apparently, she was able to sniff out the rubber of the tennis ball and since JJ likes to hide her others to avoid the forever game of fetch, she was fresh out of balls.

Just in case you didn’t believe me….

So its amazing. Everyone told me by about three months your baby would start to follow a routine and like clockwork, that’s just what has happened. She is now sleeping the majority of nights straight through from about 10-6, she takes a long morning nap and a short nap around lunchtime and yet another later afternoon nap. She is getting fussy and will sometimes snooze around 8ish but is ready for bed by 10. Thank goodness this baby likes to sleep still 🙂 On top of that, she has flipped herself over in the crib at least twice (from stomach to back).