JJ went off trekking on his annual memorial day (weekend) motorcycle trip, so it was just Cailee and me getting some quality time. And we had a great time! She’s so fun these days – intrigued by the smallest things (airplanes, birds and doggies), lovin’ being outdoors (even in the 90 degree and 90% humidity) and talking up a storm (even if we don’t know what exactly she’s saying).

On Saturday, we kicked off the weekend with a trip to Marbles museum due to some overcast skies. Its interesting, every time we go there is a new fascination even though the exhibits are virtually the same. This time she was less interested in the shopping cart and cash registers (maybe because we have that at home), but she loved the bus. And I loved the fact that she was willing to wait patiently for others to finish before she got a turn and she was even pretty good about sharing the giant steering wheel with the other kids.


On Sunday, we took a walk at Duke Gardens – it was a combination of Cailee walking, Cailee in the stroller and then Cailee pushing the stroller – this one was a little big for her to steer but she tried best she could. There is a pond at the gardens and it was brown and murky – so much so that you could see if it was a few inches deep or feet deep. Didn’t bother Cailee – she walked right up and would have jumped straight in if it hadn’t been for my strongarm around her waste. So we decided the weather was perfect for a trip to the pool. She tolerated the floaty device and loved running around the pool and jumping in – it was a challenge for mom to keep up. That child has no fear (and the water was 4 feet deep). I remember my parents telling me that when I was little I had no fear – but as I got older – I got more apprehensive. It will be interesting to see if Cailee follows suit. We topped the night off with pizza – Cailee’s favorite – she even was saying pizpiz.

While Cailee napped, slept, mommy had some time to get creative – I started thinking about her 2nd birthday party. Since she can’t tell me otherwise, I still get to plan the theme – I am sure by next year, she will tell me exactly what she wants. Yes, its still 3 1/2 months away but these things take time (of course!) and I have to do a little bit as I can, and I LOVE IT! This year’s party is themed “Pretty in Pink.” So far I have decided that every little girl gets a tutu – so it was a weekend of tulle while Mommy made tutus (even before the invite list is decided). And if it doesn’t work out – Cailee has a lot of princess gear to play in. And Lola has one just her size. Then we’ll have Cailee’s cupcakes, Cailee’s candies… There is way too much inspiration on the internet :

I also squeezed in a little freelance – I have been working on a website for a Crane and Rigging website – here it is in its temporary – under review location – http://www.amidewar.com/tpc

On Sunday, we reunited with JJ at my parent’s house in Greensboro and enjoyed a “cook-in” due to some rainy weather and a fun game of Apples (I think that was the name). Mom won but David, and JJ thought they should have won every hand!

Now its back to the grind, thank goodness the cleaning gal comes today – that’s one thing I didn’t have time to do this weekend.