On Friday, with Connor in toe, I attended Cailee’s mother’s day tea party. It’s always so sweet to see the kids so excited to have their moms or grandmas there for snack time. I love so much that I am her very best friend and it shows all over her face when she sees me. That really does make your heart melt.

The kids prepared quite a spread – fruit kabobs (albeit a little unbalanced in strawberries vs. bananas), cheese and crackers, mini muffins and tea. JJ came to my rescue a little later on and helped me with Connor (who, admittedly, was more interesting in the toys in Cailee’s classroom then the teaparty). After tea, the kids (Connor included) all went out on the playground until it was time to go home. I got a chance to talk to Cailee’s teacher who said Cailee is such a sweetheart and very good at school (always nice to hear), although she said, “She does get her way” (hmmm – that’s not a shocker). She told me a story of a particular little girl who was new to her class that Cailee took immediately under her wing showing her the ropes. I can totally see that – it’s just how she is with Connor. So sweet!