It only seems fitting since I am up early on Mother’s day and all is still quiet (lucky me, it’s 9:00 AM and everyone is still conked out – that includes JJ :)) that I brag a little about my kids with some cute pictures I took on Friday afternoon. This turns out to be a typical afternoon for us most days. We go outside, enjoy the last few hours of daylight either on walks, playing in the woods, in the sandbox (which happens to be very wet right now), on the swingset or otherwise (today, we were making “SANDwiches” literally).

I’ve especially enjoyed, especially in the last 6 months, seeing the kids starting to spend a lot of time together (Cailee is usually the leader and Connor follows) and I am trying to get more pictures of them together (still not an easy feat – at least it’s not really possible to get them both to pose together), to commemorate this stage. They are so into exploring and find joy in the simplest things (wild flowers, different colored leaves, pretty rocks) – I hate for them to ever lose that innocence.

Here are some of my favs (although there are so many more where these come from, my camera is pretty much a fixture on my shoulder). Admittedly, the perfectionist in me wishes Connor didn’t have his snack cup in every picture – but that’s just life – and there was no prying that away from him.

Pretty much a classic – Hmmm…. Connor, what’s going on here?