It wasn’t my intent when the day started out to make it a Cailee and mommy kinda day – but it just turned out that way and I’m so glad it did. JJ and Connor jetted off this morning to Gymboree and Cailee and I were running a bit behind (ok, I was running behind). So we tidied things up around the house (after a week of letting things pretty much go, I couldn’t take it much longer) and then we stopped by Target to get some Starbucks and staples (well, let’s face it, Starbucks is pretty much a staple to me as well). We are planning a short overnight trip tomorrow, so I thought it only fitting that Cailee and I get a pedicure so our toes were priiittty for our mini-vacay. It was Cailee’s first pedi and I think she enjoyed it, especially the colored water and floppy flip flops. She told me she wanted to come back to this nail salon every day. Next up, we got the car washed, and then made a quick pit stop home (where Connor and Daddy were napping) to change shoes so that we could pick strawberries. It was a full, but lovely day (as my Canadian colleagues like to say).

Never a dull moment up in these neck of the woods. 🙂