So this is me procrastinating the real work I should be doing tonight (where my party planning skills will be put to good use in CA in the upcoming weeks), so instead I figured I would update everyone on our weekend. We had a busy saturday – a two-fer so to say. In the morning we celebrated Grayson’s 4th birthday at Monkey Joes – a favorite of Cailee’s. The circumstances couldn’t have been better, it was her BFF’s birthday, several of her friends from school were there, and she had the run of the place, however, Cailee was very weepy (aka crying at the drop of a hat). It went from her getting upset that Grayson paid attention to another kid (therefore she must not be his best friend anymore) to, she couldn’t find Grayson, or she didn’t want pizza, or pink lemonade (she wanted the stuff in the cup with the straw which was the PINK LEMONADE). I had to pull her aside on more than one occasion just to get her to calm down and not be a wet blanket on the rest of the party. By the end, she had come around and all was good. Thank goodness!

Post party, we headed to Greensboro for a cookout with GG, Gdaddy, Uncle Dave, Aunt Bep (Beth). The kids took a quick snooze in the car and everyone was recharged. We did lots of playing, walking, swinging, and eating. Cailee was also determined to go in the pool -only it was COLD. As the weather hasn’t been very warm for the last week, the pool had cooled off – to a chilly 72 degrees. I was certain Cailee would chicken out – but somehow my dad and I convinced her to jump in cold (literally) turkey. We told her it would be warmer if she did that (which was true, by this time it was overcast and 6pm so the air was probably colder than the pool) AND she did it. What a shocked little girl popped up from under the water – it was pretty great! Needless to say, after convincing my dad to get in with her – she played for at least an hour or more. I need to get her in some swimming lessons soon – she’s almost got it figured out on her own.