A little disappointed that I didn’t have my camera with me but honestly, it was fun just being in the moment and not worrying about the perfect photo and I am sure everyone preferred not having the camera thrust in their face (Cailee generally hides from the camera) – I still couldn’t resist getting a few pictures on my blackberry.

Thanks Tracy for the water color – Cailee was really into it – she spent a lot of time on the porch painting.

And when she wasn’t painting, she was carrying the paints around with her

The fun begins – Cailee thought it was hilarious to stick the gummy bears up her nose and pretend to blow them out. Good thing they were too large to really get stuck in there – but something I should watch out for.

Here’s some proof I was really on the trip – since I was usually the one behind the lens.

The many faces of Cailee – she has so many expressions – she certainly keeps us entertained.

Yes, this bird stayed still enough for a picture by my cell phone (and it was a living bird)