We had a first last weekend – it was Isabella’s 6th birthday party and it was a roller skating party. I wasn’t sure how Cailee would take to skating. Of course I dressed her in 80s roller skating attire (not a far stretch since florescent and knee high socks are actually the passing trend), figuring if she didn’t play the part, she would at least look the part. She was extremely excited for the party – albeit a little apprehensive since she didn’t know how to skate – but to her, a party is a party – and she lives for parties.

We convinced her that daddy would teach her to skate and thank goodness for roller skating walkers and a rink reserved exclusively for a group of kids with barely their skates under them. Most of the newbies just gingerly scooted around the rink – barely lifting their feet from the surface. Not Cailee. The only way she was going to skate was by trying to run in her skates. Needless to say it didn’t work out so well for her – again and again she found herself on her bottom – but I’ve got to hand it to her, it never once stopped her or inhibited her joy of skating.

She LOVED it and talks of her next party (she will be sure to clarify if you ask – that this will be the birthday after the one she spends at Disney) – a roller skating party.

Now daddy, he bragged that he was an old pro – and I’ll give it to him – he lived up to it – even managing the limbo on skates at one point. Far more than I would even venture – as I stayed safely (saving my pride) in my heels. (Oh and Connor? we didn’t even attempt it – he was busy wearing GiGi and Gdaddy out)