We had a good weekend – nothing out of the ordinary – but sometimes those are the best ones. I know I often get caught up in the “Can’t wait til.. ” the next big thing. Maybe its a trip, or an event or a new fun toy. But if you waste life just looking forward to what is coming, you miss everything in between and oftentimes, those events you anticipate don’t end up being as awesome as the pedestal you put them on. So its the quiet times, the smiles, the time spent at the park, the walks, the car rides – all the moments in between that I am really trying to focus on, if I don’t, I fear I really might miss out on everything that matters. So we had a good weekend of nothing special – which is what made it extra special.

The highlights…
– Lily’s pizza opened in Durham – ironically in the same location as one of our favorite restaurants, Pops, which has since moved down the street, kinda fun to frequent that spot again. We enjoyed music at Brightleaf Square afterwards and saw three trains – pretty much made Cailee’s week.
– Connor once again proved what a water bug he is when we pulled out the ball sprinkler and kiddie pool – he would splash up a storm and then tackle the ball – absolutely no fear of the water.
-We had a fun picnic and romp at Oval Park – always enjoy playing with all the left over toys that people leave for the park goers – the kids liked the fourwheeler that had long since lost its power but certainly not its appeal.
– Cailee spent a good bit of the weekend wearing her princess crown and quite proudly I must add.