There were several things on the to do list that I didn’t even think about this past weekend, I had very high expectations of the things I would get done, just because we had an extra day due to Memorial day. In fact, I fell very short of just about everything I had hoped to accomplish but I wouldn’t trade the time with family for anything else (except for maybe a few more days off.)

However, one thing I really wanted to get done was update the blog, its been too long and the entries too infrequent. I follow Mary Ferguson’s blog, a co-worker, and she makes me look bad, she is far more on top of this thing (her little girl is adorable, and it gives me good insight as to what to expect in just a few months). So before I officially get back to the grind, I’ll add a few pictures that have been on the camera and phone for far too long.

Here’s a cute one to start! While I ran out to do some errands, JJ fed Cailee some crackers (she’s gotten quite good this past week at eating a cracker, although more seems to end up mushed on her or the floor than in the mouth). Seems she was too tired to finish the snack!