We’ve determined that Cailee has one speed these days, ON and then very very rarely off, but only when she’s got her eyes closed (she is still a great sleeper, which is probably attributed to the fact that she has to crash eventually).

Lately, one of her favorite things to do are collect the acorns that have covered the driveway. Originally, she was our little squirrel and when are heads were turned for a split second she would shove as many in her mouth as possible and grin as big as she could with puffy cheeks. Recently, we’ve redirected her to instead collect the acorns in her car’s trunk. This past weekend the weather wasn’t favorable but that didn’t stop Cailee or Lola, for that matter, from spending some time collecting and getting quite sloppy.

Notice the leaves that changed overnight – they are beautiful and just another signal that this year is flying past us.


If I were to identify her next favorite thing to do, it would be to climb. She has no fear and no limits at this point. She’ll climb anything she can get her leg up on, only problem is that she’s not as good at getting down. To date, we have climbed the stairs, into the rocking chair, on top of the kiddie chair and subsequently up on the kiddie table, into every toy box, her toy table, the step ladder. I doubt the list will stop anytime soon. And its very scary. I really need to grow eyes all over my head.