I had a hard time finding an Easter egg hunt this year. Cailee has soccer and Connor has Gymboree (the life of the busy kiddos) on Saturday mornings, the same time as all of the egg hunts. I finally found one in downtown Hillsborough at 1 on Saturday. There was a really large front yard at an old Historic school and the entire lawn was covered with eggs (the ad boasted of 3000 eggs). The perimeter of the yard was surrounded with kids waiting for the school master (or someone that was apparently in charge) to drop their arm to initiate the start of the “hunt”.

It ended up being pure madness. The hunt started and all the eggs were collected within seconds. All things considering (the average age of the kids in attendance had to be about 8) the my kiddos did pretty good. Connor got about 4 eggs and Cailee got at least 15-20. By no means, was Cailee’s basket full and she pouted about this for a bit, right up until I showed her that the eggs had candy in them. And with the promise of bellies full of sugar, everyone left happy campers.

Yea! I got a picture of both kids – admittedly goofy looking and slightly out of focus, but they are both looking at the camera and Cailee is not choking Connor so I consider that a vast improvement. Don’t you just love how JJ is snapping his fingers (to the right) to get the kids looking at the camera.