I know I owe several posts to catch everyone up – but I am going to cut some corners today (because I was up way too late and had to get up way too early and I’m toast but determined to get this done).

So here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods (literally).

Kids get 24 hour bug

I don’t know what it was, except entirely unexpected, but a few weeks back Connor came down with something – he initially lost his afternoon snack and then got a terrible fever. He was down and out for a day. He just laid around all day (not a regular occurance around here). Cailee came down with some semblance of it the following day – just the fever for her – and was a little pooh-girl too. It wasn’t fun, but I think we all appreciated the relaxed, nothing going weekend that was forced on us. And if this was the worst of it, I can live with it.

Starting to feel better

Rain, rain go away

For real now. It has been raining FOR-ever. It hasn’t really stopped us too much. The kids get so stir crazy inside that we go outside in the rain and if we do get a sliver of sunshine, we make a break for it.

Sporting our pants backwards. This is what happens when your daughter is too stubborn to need your help going to the potty

A rare break in the rain

Mommy and me day

Recently I took a day off of work to attend a photography class. Turns out it was postponed (till today, actually) so I took the day to spend some 1:1 time with my girl. We got our coffee/hot chocolate fix, and then went to see Monsters University. It was pretty funny listening to Cailee say the name of this movie, but funnier still watching her try to hide from my always present camera (with her always present ipad).

Finally sneak in a pix and I get this smug grin…

Or silly face

Vacation bible school

This was the first year that Cailee was old enough to attend Vacation bible school (and since we are affiliated with so many churches, she’s going to attend it more than once this summer). I wasn’t sure how this would go – same as any new situation – but it was at her school, there were a lot of familiar faces and Grayson, her best bud, was there so she did just fine. On the last night – we watched their performance. Cailee was quite good/cute. She remembered most of the hand motions (Have I mentioned she is really into singing these days?).