This past Christmas (2016), it turns out the gift of the year was hoverboards (again!). I think they were “hot” a few years back, literally, catching houses on fire – but I guess they are “safer” now and everyone has one. We didn’t pick up on this until after Christmas but it quickly became a sought after toy in our household. Of course, just one wouldn’t do – we don’t share too well in our house. I kinda messed up too, I promised Connor one for his birthday, and later I promised Cailee one if she qualified for States. Unfortunately, that meant Cailee would now get her’s before Connor – and that’s exactly what happened and that didn’t go over well. If my kids have one problem – its patience. They have ZERO patience especially when it comes to a toy they want.

Fortunately, I purchased both boards at the same time, so after less than 24 hours of Cailee touting her hoverboard (and for the record, she did share it with Connor, some) so I caved and gave Connor his board a few days early. I rationalized that since we would be out of town for his birthday and the upcoming week was spring break – he would want to be able to use it all week. Cailee wanted a white one with Bluetooth and lights, and Connor wanted a chrome gold one (yep, that’s what he wanted). It didn’t take them too much to get used to them and before long they were whizzing around the house with competing music blaring from their boards – in fact we even tried to synchronize the music until we forced one person to shut off the tunes while the other oen was playing.

We have had a few mishaps so far – Connor’s learned that he can’t put his fingers too close to the wheels (or they get sucked up and the get stuck in the wheel well) and we have to wear shoes or we can scrap toes, run over feet etc. Yes, these hoverboards might leave a few scars but the kids (including the oldest kid in our house) sure do love them (for now).

On Saturday, just before our photoshoot with the hoverboards (and actually, before Connor got his board), we did the annual egg hunt at Ridgecrest. Once again the unusually cold weather had us bundling up and chilly but as soon as the kids were off hunting eggs, all was forgotten. This year was interesting – they had so many eggs that the kids easily filled their baskets and thensome – but it actually took the real “hunt” out of it – it was just mass eggs, not real – race to get as many as you can. There were two “golden” eggs so I found Connor just walking past eggs because he was really only focused on the golden eggs. He didn’t get them (one kid got both) so he was a temporarily bummed but he got over it as soon as he started digging into his candy. By the way, his thing these days is “Gold” – if you can’t tell – not sure where that came from, but he’s all about some gold (if you can’t tell).