After our adventure at the Great Wolf Lodge (more to come on that) we headed over to Jen’s house for a great picnic with Dave and Jen. They, of course, had a fabulous spread with some food directly from their garden. That’s very impressive to someone who has never contemplated cooking with food I grew, which, of course, would require me to actually have a garden, something I have also never attempted.

Unfortunately, the kids were a mess. I think the activities of the preceding days had just wiped them out and it didn’t hit them til they actually slowed down long enough to eat. Not much would make Connor happy (which is why he’s not pictured below) and Cailee was even “miss grumpy pants” much of the time – although I did manage to get a few pics – where Jen lives is so picturesque so the photographer in me was bummed they weren’t in better posing spirits. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the awesome weather and even better company (and just tried our best to ignore the kids’ crying and grumbling).