So we were lucky to get another snowy day this winter. This one caught me off guard, recall that my head has been in a computer lately so it’s not a surprise I missed this weather bulletin, but the warning signs were also non-existent (smells like snow, feels like snow, etc).

It had been one of those seasonably warm weeks and then we wake up Saturday morning and it’s been snowing. It was the perfect snow storm in my estimation. It snowed all day, but the ground was so warm that it never stuck to the roads. We played all day in the falling snow, made a real snowman (first good packing snow we’ve had in a long time), had plenty of snowball fights and spent some time with Cailee’s best buddy Grayson.

And then later that afternoon, with clear roads, we headed to Greensboro for a lovely (albeit very long) Valentine’s dinner sans kiddos (they hung out with GG and Gdaddy). We have found an awesome restaurant in Greensboro that offers a delicious and unpredictable tasting menu, so seven courses later and after many unique entrees I would never have ordered but LOVED, we grabbed out worn out kids and headed home. Couldn’t have asked for a better day myself.