Every holiday is party time as far as Cailee is concerned. So I guess that made good ol turkey day our “thankfulness party.” There certainly is a lot to be thankful for…

For starters, we didn’t burn our house down today. Yep, that’s right, momma took the shortcut in the kitchen and handed turkey duty to JJ (well I really only passed the baton between my brother and JJ, as I didn’t make the turkey last year either). He fried it in good ol southern fashion and it was quite tasty, so if Turkey dinner becomes a tradition at our house – so might the turkey frying (also considering the investment we made in all the equipment it takes to fry a turkey).

The day wouldn’t have been near as special if we didn’t get to enjoy it with family (the fact that they can cook, and are more than willing to entertain a kid or two doesn’t hurt either). We had the Dewars and a bunch of the Herrmans all under our roof and we had more than enough food for our large extended family and then some (just needed more house).

Here’s one of my favorites pictures from the day. Life wouldn’t be half of what it is today if we didn’t have this turkey around – this is just Cailee being Cailee while Aunt Bep looks on. Or see the picture of Connor below looking really guilty? He found the step stool and pushed it over to where he thought he could snag a piece of candy off the counter. And he knew he got caught in the act.