I’ll include some captions, of course, but pictures are kinda my thing right now. Ask JJ and Cailee (and Lola if she could do something other than bark), they are already sick of the new camera I think. Mostly because mom is trying to figure out what the heck she is doing – its been way too long since I’ve been behind a lens of anything not a cameraphone or point and shoot at best. This thing is – I feel like every picture I take now has to be like some professional-looking picture – like just a normal, in-focus, picture is just not good enough – its just my perfectionist kicking in again.

So anyhow, indulge me, as I have some fun.

We kicked off the day early, (well for us), and drove to the big city (Raleigh) for what turned out to be a lackluster Lego event.

A little caffeine to get us going, I was practicing on different subjects in the car, be grateful I didn’t include the steering wheel image or random biker on the side of the road. I included it in case you ever want to get on my good side- this is what it takes – a venti skim chai.

We walked a bit around downtown, took a pitstop at artspace, I haven’t been in ages, its always nice to see such unbelievable talent. I believe we are looking at an airplane (which coincidentally we can’t see but Cailee can apparently hear).

Next, we ended up at Marbles Kids Museum – the water exhibit was Cailee’s favorite and my least – as she enjoyed getting EVERYONE wet!

All this was followed by a trek down Glenwood avenue. I wanted to check in at the Cupcake Shoppe to look at options for Cailee’s birthday. We had to sample the cupcakes, of course.

This afternoon we enjoyed some playtime indoors while it was busy dumping some much needed rain outside.