We certainly made the most of every minute this weekend. We did the usual – Cailee had soccer, Connor had Gymboree, then we headed to High Point for Audrey’s third birthday party at Pump it up! We (well, the kids) love this place – who wouldn’t? It’s a room fully of bouncies just for the party guests and after jumping their hearts out they get cake and cupcakes – that is as close to heaven on earth for our kids as possible.

After doing our best to wear the kids off, JJ and I got an evening to ourselves. We dropped the kids off at GG and Gdaddy (my parents in Greensboro) and they had a slumber party. GG reports all went well – Cailee and Connor buried my dad in the leaves, Cailee got to make brownies, eat ice cream, color and paint to her heart’s content and they both slept in til 8:30 Sunday morning. Miraculously my parents remained unscathed (I guess this is nothing compared to raising 5 kids). We are always grateful for the alone time, its hard to remember life pre-kiddos. JJ and I came back to Raleigh for a nice dinner and movie – and got to sleep in as much as our internal clocks (programmed to wake up early) would allow us, Sunday morning. We both agreed, it was so odd to not have to be back home to relieve a babysitter or get kids to bed at a decent time, its hard to turn the parenting part of the brain off – but we had a great time just the two of us.