I attended a fun photo class this past weekend. It was part two in a series of classes geared towards moms with cameras (led by Rebekkah Heath Tozer, a local photographer). Photography has become my new creative outlet so this is right up my alley. I only wished I had started sooner. I think of all the missed opportunities with Cailee as a youngin for better photos. What I love about these classes is that there is always an “a ha!” moment (or several). During this class we had real kiddos to practice our shooting techniques in different lights, different positions. What amazed me more than anything was the willingness of these non-model participants to smile for several hours straight – while I mostly interacting with the older girls, there were little ones as young as two. I thought about my own kids in this situation – how fabulous for their moms to get all these free photos – but there is no chance my kids would have been near as accommodating.

I think I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 photos (even more, since I deleted the really poor ones right away). Here are some of my favorites and even more are uploaded right here.