Well I bit the bullet and arranged for some family photos this weekend. Holly Marie, a very patient and talented photographer was offering mini sessions. I knew this could be the best situation as Cailee would have little tolerance for 1.5 of photos, let alone 20 -30 minutes, however I wasn’t sure if such a short session would allow her to loosen up enough to be comfortable around a stranger (even though this isn’t the first time she has met Holly, I seriously doubt she remembers her first photo session at 4 months). (Oh and the other session – if you are counting – was at that picture place in the mall where the high school photographers where propellers on their head – I am not sure we’ll make that mistake again).

I struggled for the past two weeks on what we should wear – I wanted to coordinate but not be too matchy matchy. I wanted to be current but not too arranged. I wanted Cailee to wear something that fit her personality – cute, mischievous, active, girly, but tough (oh and so much more). Oh yeah and the printed pictures had to look good in our house. It seemed to be the impossible task. Here I was trying to match JJ, Cailee and I, the personality of a nearly 2 year old, the summer season, and our house in three outfits. So I narrowed it down to two and made JJ choose.

The weather was nice even though we were just on the verge of sweating, thank goodness she scheduled her appts. early. The location was Meredith College Ampitheater – which although I have been to Meredith possibly a hundred times, I never stopped to take notice of how pretty the amphitheater area is. Good call too – there were plenty of stairs for Cailee to climb.

She wasn’t much in the mood for photographs – I could have guessed that but luckily I thought to bring bubbles – which really aren’t an everyday pastime, but she loved them – even to the point where she was flinging them on us – she hasn’t quite gotten the knack of blowing the bubbles (although she will blow on her hot food and her wet just painted fingernails). This erased the fussiness for just long enough for Holly to get enough shots to document Cailee at 21 months.

Here’s the outfit choices… What do you think?


These were just some sneakpeaks from Holly Marie – Check out her website for some other adorable pictures – there is even a few of Cailee featured in her gallery from her 4 mos. photo session.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.