I’m not sure what we were thinking, but we decided to check out the rejuvenated Pullen Park today. It was a beautiful day (hard to believe we are enjoying 70 degree weather at the end of November), and they just spent million of dollars bringing Pullen Park back to wonderful – so of course we were just 4 of gazillions of people with the same brilliant idea.

We made the best of it – amidst some long lines and a less then tolerant 3 year old. For some reason, Cailee still doesn’t get the concept of waiting in line, (ironically, in the car, I was thinking how sweet our little princess is, and of course she is, except when she’s not) even though every other child her age, seems to handle “wait your turn” with much more grace and patience. Our threats “you aren’t going to ride the train”, “we are going home” fell on deaf ears most of the time – but there were some highlights, when she shared the bell in the boat with the complete stranger, or waited (and waited, and waited) patiently for the sand digger, she even tolerated being the first person to not make it on the train.

We rode the train (finally), the boats, played in the giant sandbox, climbed on the jungle gym (Cailee has no fear, absolutely none), and the carousel. Connor rode the carousel with Daddy for the first time, and held on, just like all the big kids. He also squealed right along with the choo choo whistle.