In my mind, a rainy day conjures up ideas of hunkering down in a warm cozy spot with a hot cup of coffee (agnostic of whatever season it might be, but even more so during the winter months). Not so with my kids. I came home from work this week (yes, I found myself in the office far more than I would have liked this week, but sometimes it is just far more productive to meet and work with colleagues face to face) on a rainy Thursday, only to find my kiddos clamoring to go outside and play. Now, this is normally the case, but it was cold, dreary and rainy and that will sometimes deter them a bit. However, a little rain was not going to get in their way on this day, nor were shoes or coats or hats. You can see we started out a little light on the gear but quickly bundled up when I realized this was not going to be a short-lived event. We had good intent with a few umbrellas but Connor much preferred to drag his then hold it over his head – thus defeating any good it might have done.

My fingers are crossed that this little excursion doesn’t manifest as colds/flu/etc in a few days – but in the moment the kids were having a lot of fun and that helped to defuse any real worry.