Our good friend Kim told us of a local church, Ridgetcrest Baptist Church, right around the corner, that offered a Wednesday night kids program for 2 year olds. I remember as a kid going every Wednesday night to what was very similar to Girl Scouts – so I was quite excited to sign up Cailee.

Last night was the kickoff and Kim was great to get us on the list just a few days early (since Cailee’s not officially 2 yet) and the church had a great event to register everyone and get to know the families – they even had inflatables – Cailee’s favorite activity. And she had a blast. I had no clue if she would go in on her own – but she did and just bounced and bounced and bounced for nearly an hour straight.

Cailee is now an official Puggle and she starts next Wednesday – I hope she is excited about being in a room without the inflatable as she was last night.

PS. I couldn’t get a single picture without her being on the go.