I had grand plans that if we woke up really early and headed to Magic Kingdom right when it opened we might actually be able to get on the newest roller coaster, Drawfs and the hidden mine, before the line got really long. So we tried. We got there right when I thought it was open (although it sure seemed like there were lots of people in there before us) and we ran all the way to a 90 min line. So we scrapped that idea and instead did Space Mountain two more times because the line was only 10 minutes. You win some, you lose some. After that we headed to Animal Kingdom, our intended park for the day. Once again, there were a few rides that were new and we should have ridden but we just didn’t want to wait half the day to do it. Shame on us, impatient people, I guess – because we heard awesome things about them but they also seemed very similar to something we’d ridden in Disneyland so we felt it wasn’t quite worth it. We did get brave and do the rapids and luckily didn’t end up too wet. For dinner we went to Chef Mickey and met up with Cailee’s teammate Ella who was also spending some time at the park. The kids never seem to get tired of soft serve ice cream bars and character dinners (and I’m not complaining – as long as I can keep them young, I’ll do it!). But tomorrow comes early and everyone is super excited for our Disney cruise adventure.