Cailee has bugged me for some time to get a scooter and I have been a little nervous. One, she’s seems to be falling a lot lately – you should see her knees – they are so skinned up. And two, she hasn’t really mastered the art of steering anything. She just assumes that the direction you are looking is the direction the vehicle you are riding/pushing should head. Nevertheless, I caved and got a scooter. I found one that is first and foremost, pink (duh!), but next I looked for one with a good safety record because I needed as much working for me as possible (or for her, really). We made her wear her helmet and if I had knee pads her size those would have been on her as well. But we chanced it and took the scooter out for a stroll/roll and we made it through the first trip unscathed. She was pretty good, kinda scary on the declines and we now know that the scooter is definitely not off-road material, even though Cailee tested this many times. We’ll have to continue to work on the steering. All in all, we ended up without breaking any more skin so I consider that a success.