Here are some quick updates I thought were worth mentioning. I am sure that no one gets quite the thrill that her dad and I do out of seeing the progress day to day but someday we’ll probably look back on this and chuckle.

  • We went to the hair salon this past weekend and seeing her momma in foils and under a hair dryer was scary. She cried the entire time. We had a similar experience when daddy wore a hat and sunglasses. I can only surmise what the reaction would be when she sees him in a motorcycle helmet.
  • On a few occasions now, we have heard Cailee say words that sound extremely close to what is intended but we know she doesn’t realize it – it strikes us as hilarious. She’s getting close to mama and dada but again – its just all sounds to her at this point. But no one can ever say she’s not gonna be a talker.
  • I still can’t get over why she puts everything she shouldn’t right in her mouth, yet when I actually put good food in front of her she turns up her nose at it. I am probably doing this a little backwards but I am trying to get her on a somewhat balanced diet but that’s not going as easily as planned. I even tried my hand at making some pureed food this weekend – it was a no go. She’s probably already developed a sweet tooth like her mom and everything else is just plain boring.
  • Speaking of teeth, she has four, so I figured it was high time for a toothbrush and toothpaste. Fearing the worst, I was pleasantly surprised that after two brushings, she seems to enjoy it. Can’t complain about that.
  • Final note, trying to decide if Cailee should have her own twitter account – I mean Max Armstrong – @maxarmstrong1 (Lance Armstrong’s baby boy) has been twittering since he entered this world. Now that’s one smart cookie.

That’s all for now. Off and running on another booked work week.