So this post is out of place – these pictures are really from last weekend I just didn’t get a chance to post them yet. Connor loves the beleaguered cars that have been left behind at Oval Park – this one though, was in as bad as shape as he was – so it was fitting. Missing a wheel and more, everything was a bit lopsided. Connor, too, has a good side and a not so good side – you can still see some pretty good bruising on his right cheek. Although, if he wasn’t so sad looking this would actually be pretty funny.

Connor investigating the problem or willing the car to move – to no avail. Even some Flintstones footwork was not going to fix this one.

Cailee was being her usual silly self – I said smile and I got the tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

Funny story – Cailee pointed out a mole on her arm this week and told me she had a bug bite, so I tried to explain to her that it was not a bug bite, but a mole. So then she said, oh, a mole bit me. I gave up.