We had so much fun celebrating Thanksgiving this past week. It was our three-peat of Thanksgiving dinner at our house and I dare say it’s getting better each year – no less crazy – but maybe we are hitting our stride – or maybe the kids are a bit more self sufficient these days – it definitely doesn’t feel near as stressful. I’m very lucky that everyone brought some food, and JJ fried the Turkey so I spent more time cleaning (ok, Kim did that), than cooking. But even more than just the big meal – we enjoyed Thanksgiving all week long. We did some Christmas shopping, we watched some sappy Hallmark Christmas movies (well Beth and I did, not JJ so much), we took a lot of brisk walks, made some Thanksgiving cupcakes (thanks Pinterest), played the princess matching game at least a gazillion times (thanks Emily), and tried to convince Connor he should not throw his trucks down the stairs, quite unsuccessfully.