JJ and I have always wanted to do a corn maze. Well now we’ve done it but can’t say we’ve conquered it. Yesterday, we went to McKee Maze in Rougemont. It was beautiful – we couldn’t have asked for better weather – and oh yea, Cailee was there too – although she did miss most of the fun. The goal was to find 8 checkpoints in 12 acres of corn. The lady at the front said it would take about an hour. Well said to say that after 1.5 hours of wondering through the maze designed to honor the Orange high baseball team’s victory, we were no closer to finding 8 checkpoints – more like 2 or so. We ended up with 5 found – with some assistance from a few kids wandering around – possibly sent in the maze to look for the pair of adults with a baby strapped to them that had been gone for a while.

Regardless we had a great time and maybe we’ll try it again – probably with slightly lower expectations since apparently we were not blessed with a good sense of direction. (Note: I actually did one circle a few times before JJ suggested that we were just walking in circles, I had still not caught on.)

See our pictures here.

Plus, here’s a video