One of these years we’ll invest in a real pool membership – just as soon as I can keep my eyes on both kids safely – but for now – I feel much better about my $20/annual investment in a walmart inflatable pool that requires the kids to be within 3 feet of each other all times while cooling off (can’t really say swimming, since that is sorta difficult to do in a pool that is not much more than 5 feet long and definitely not more than 18 inches deep). It serves the purpose – that is – to escape the heat and humidity of 90+ degree days without sitting dormant in the AC all day.

We’ve only had it out a day or so and there have been a few ferocious storms in our way – but when we were not dodging lightening bolts and crazy wind – we had our swim suits on. The first time you fill this little pool up – the water is straight from the well and it’s COOOLD. I wouldn’t have put my big toe in that water, but no matter that it was 7 PM, the sun had gone down, the air had cooled off, and the water was fre-ee-zing, the kids jumped right in.

Maybe that’s what prompted Connor’s crazy expression below – I can’t recall – of course, it might just have been Connor being Connor.

I should note that what you don’t see is that the kids are covered with something, bug bitish – actual diagnosis (even after two doctor visits and one vet consultation) still to be determined. It could be a contagious mite driven thingamachig (not good) or it could just be that the buggies munched on the kiddos til their hearts’ content (the docs just don’t seem to agree). Nevertheless, mom who has a way with photoshop took care of that little problem to increase your viewing pleasure, too bad it doesn’t work that way in real life – we are still waiting for some steroid laced cream to kick in.

Hard to believe this was taken in the same sitting