Cailee has been enjoying Friday afternoons at the pool (I hope I can still squeeze some of these visits in still). Lucky for us (and everyone else), we generally have the pool to ourselves at this time. And since we were so successful at the lake with the life jacket – we tried it out in the pool. Cailee was swimming around in no time. Connor took a short dip in the pool – but the water is much colder then his typical bath – so we wrapped him up good afterwards (in the shade with the breeze it was a bit chilly if you were wet).

Later that evening, we went to Brightleaf in Durham and danced to the live music (well Cailee danced, and we chased her around). These days she is really intrigued by kids and likes to mimic them, for some reason this is especially true about kids a bit older then her. When the younger boy approached her (with a flower, or weed) she was not too thrilled. And even though the music was lackluster, she must dance to her own tune because it didn’t slow her down a bit.

Sorry, I feel like every picture I take is of Connor he is sleeping. He is awake quite a bit these days, but it does seem like whenever I have the camera out – he is snoozing. I can’t complain about his relaxed disposition though – need I say it again – this is a good baby.